Physical Product Sales Funnel Including Upsells and Revenue Duplicate (Clickfunnels) #Funnel Fridays

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With this Week’s Episode of Closing Friday, we’ll be showing you step by step how to make a Physical Products Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels. See Over The Shoulder as Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards not just build an E-commerce advertising Funnel but show you the way they produce the upsells and sales copy!

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Welcome into Funnel Fridays with Russell Brunson!

It is about becoming the life of this celebration in this event as we produce a killer sales funnel to get a DYI gin making kit (out of Dave Kambucha Lindenbaum). This DIY sales funnel may be utilized for Shopify, Amazon or some other Ecommerce platform you promoting your Physical merchandise on.

See as this Marketing Funnel practically sells itself using craftily worded names and sales copy with our own Funnelscripts, and it will be a software we constructed to assist you with your own Clickfunnels revenue funnels. Jim shows us that he’s your master at VSL Wizard by creating a revenue copy video in 10 moments!

It is a unique episode that demonstrates that you don’t actually need to be a professional or user of this product to make a killer high converting sales funnel (induce neither of those men drink). The men go through every sales funnel including each of the upsells and purchase bulge (see the breakdown below). It is 20 moments, using a real physical product funnel, this is the way we do it in funnel Fridays.

Evaluation of the sales funnel:
Order today and receive a free flask (Bonus)
Immediate Order Bump: 4 Shot Glasses
OTO 1: Customized Martini Glasses
OTO 2: Case of Complimentary Personal Label Liquor bottles

If You Would like to purchase Dave’s amazing DIY kit, then you can do this here:


Click Here To Try Clickfunnels For 100% Free

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  1. Everything about this is so great, from the pharoah's headpiece to the gin & just everything! You two are hilarious together xD Jim, you keep making me snort laugh!
    Dude, Oregon Trail! I remember that! Despite being a 90's child.

  2. Hey Russell and Jim this is awesome. I have a white label product I got into amazon I want to do this for. If I build an offer the way you have done with bump and upsell, how can I set that up to fulfill via amazon? would I have to ship the upsells from home? and just do a page override to the order page on amazon for the main product? curious to know how you would tackle that. thanks for all the amazing value you bring. Fernando (Australia)

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