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  1. Hi, I tried opting in to your landing page but it seems to be stuck once I entered my details.. doesn't send me to the thank you page.. Haven't received any email confirmation as well.. I'll love to get kartra with your affiliate link. Thanks.

  2. I looked for your email half the day, I finally found it in spam. But it was to sign up for Kartra trial, I had already signed up under you on the video page after I put in my email address. I was waiting for the access to your bonuses. Maybe you are not aware they put a Kartra link under your video. I am so glad i finally found you in spam. I signed up with an email different than this, it is a Hotmail email.

  3. Hi Paul, I logged a ticket to get some info from Kartra but they've been pretty slow to respond… another video said that Kartra shut them down for violating their TOS, but with no appeal process. That seems pretty risky from a business perspective… Whats your experience after 3 months? How much of their support system have you used?

  4. Paul I will be getting back to you soon and getting on Kartra through you. I have a question. If I create a product site that also has a membership site included. Does an affiliate marketer who promotes my product also get a percentage of the membership site?

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