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Do not sell on Amazon FBA till you find this movie you will find 3 errors I watch over and over and over again and it just kills me and I wish to be certain that you don’t make any of those 3 errors. What exactly are the 3 errors one your product stinks – you don’t have any plan and three your merchandise page stinks. So let us discuss how to repair each these and I will show you a few examples of fantastic merchandise pages versus poor product webpages great approach vs. bad approach and very good products versus poor products all that right here in this movie. So first off once you are creating a product to start on Amazon FBA you need to consider yourself what’s unique about this product if you are promoting exactly the identical issue is 100 others great luck I visit. So a lot of people who are looking to market exactly the very same supplements that everybody else sells and making life. So a lot harder because first off there is nothing much better about your merchandise sure you’ve got a marginally superior brand or convinced you’ve got a marginally better this or that but if you don’t have something which’s really unique it is gonna be somewhat tough to promote.

Only a fast example that I will use is that I had been speaking to a people and they had been promoting fish oil and I am like there is a hundred possibly a hundred million people selling fish oil out there just how are you going to stand out compared to my merchandise functionality nut butter I simply launched that isn’t just the branding different than anything else that is out there but this product does not exist there is no macadamia coconut cashew mixed nut butter that the market is completely different than all the other nut butters it is it is a superior product cost down. So once you’re starting your merchandise think about what’s gont create your product unique. So that is number one or two people make the mistake of not needing a plan ask yourself until you start off first you ought to do this weeks before you start am I going to start this merchandise just how am I going to get 275 testimonials 100 testimonials 300 testimonials and – how exactly are you awaiting t make this as simple as possible. What I advise doing constructing an email list establishing a facebook team building up some sort of a tribe that if you start your product they are pumped they are gonna go purchase it and depart five star reviews. I discuss in lots of my other movies I will link up a video here on how best to construct a tribe the launching of your Amazon FBA merchandise up number three your merchandise page stinks and that I have a movie up here too on how to produce your product page better yet let’s go over a few of my best so you want a better name you want better pictures you want better bullet points you want a better description appearance at a product page on Amazon that simply sells like mad and look at exactly what their name is look at what their pictures are look at exactly what their bullet points within their description are and try to determine how you can improve yours predicated on people look in your opponents look in your leading competitor what exactly are they doing.
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Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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