ClickFunnels: How to Alter Borders About Any Element (Utilizing Custom CSS)

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What a component boundary resembles: 0:30

Why You Have to fix borders using custom CSS: two:00

Adding boundaries in habit CSS: two:27

Welcome everyone!

In this movie, I wished to explain to you the way you can add boundaries to any component in ClickFunnels, not only the rows or sections, then also customize them! Something else you could use along with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Reason why we’re using CSS is since you are in reality not able to enter any boundaries around individual elements inside the ClickFunnels basic menu, and even in the event that you do, you’ve got extremelyyyy restricted customization options – just a couple of border styles, restricted pixel diameter, but any colour (at least you’ve got that!) . You might also just customize ALL 4 boundaries, NOT individual boundaries, which can be a very cool customization feature in the event you’re interested!

Thus, in order to allow them to add the edge at the first placewe will need to select the component we need a boundary round, copy the habit CSS component ID, and then glue it into our habit CSS window.

We do the routine CSS tradition, placing our dentures right after the component ID, and in the conclusion. In between, we’ve got 4 choices we could work on:

– border design (like dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset, concealed – I urge you try them out!!)
– boundary thickness (the width of the actual boundary, Which Range from 1px onwards)
– boundary color (any colour in the rbg spectrum)
– boundary radius (if You Would like to round your corners, then this is the Means to Do it)

We’d proceed by incorporating our values for every one of these possessions, in the kind of’border-style: strong;’ such as if we would like to make a good edge. The neat thing about this is that we’re able to customize how each edge side appears by adding extra values shortly after each other following the possessions. The boundaries move from (top, right, bottom, left), so when I would like to create good bottom and left boundaries, and hurried right and top, I’d say’border-style: hurried dashed solid strong;’ The exact same theory applies to our other declarations, like colour, width, and radius (radius starting from upper left and moving clockwise till bottom left).

And this is essentially how we’d fix every component of our edge to our preferred degree with custom CSS in ClickFunnels!

You Might Have excess margins when making this boundary However, as the component itself could be fairly large in comparison to the real image, so Make Certain to check out this movie:

To determine how you are able to correct the margins!

That is it!

Please register and stay tuned for future movies where move over the specialized how-to’s or dig deeper to other affiliate marketing tools!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you at another movie!

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