ClickFunnels: How to Create a Confirmation Email For Your Autoresponder

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Hey all!

In this videoI show you how you can setup a’confirmation email’ from ClickFunnels if you’re utilizing the Actionetics inside ClickFunnels to ship out the mails.

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Fundamentally ClickFunnels does not have a purpose that just sends a’confirmation email’ – therefore what we have to do is send folks a distinct email requesting them to visit some DIFFERENT ClickFunnels page that we set where they can then confirm their email.

Just THEN as soon as they input their email once more is they added into the listing.

So in comparison with third party favors such as GetResponse or even AWeber, the procedure is a little more tedious since it takes people to input their own email twice and visit another page to verify their email, instead of have the fundamental confirmation button in mails you’d see in the next celebration autoresponders.

If you’re worried that the info people setup the first time is going to be lost, like the comments/address/phone number/etc… don’t worry because that info is saved the first-time someone enters the specifics in your own optin page.

So the very first thing we have to do is make a second page on your own funnel, one for your true confirmation page, and yet another as a thank you confirmation page.

In this movie, I just chose a random template to spare time and you’ll be able to fool around with the layout in your time, but you’d essentially just write something like’hello, please confirm your subscription by simply inputting your email down under’ on this verification page, and invite them for confirming about the affirmation thank you page.

If you’re now utilizing any third party favors and rather need to only use the ClickFunnels Actionetics, then be certain that you eliminate those integrations out of your own pages.

You would have to visit your real first optin page on your funnel where individuals register the first time, and then send an email to the customers that register.

That is right – instead of simply adding them into a list straight away, you want to first send them an email asking them to confirm their registration.

In that email, you’d give them a hyperlink to the CONFIRMATION optin webpage, and then ask them to input their email once more.

On THIS page is the place you’d really add people to the list when you’ve got a ClickFunnels autoresponder installation.

This way, when folks enter their email again, they’d formally be added into the listing.

When users add another email here then if they signed , then the brand new email is going to be added into the listing, but the older email will include their advice they added in your very first optin webpage, so just bear this in mind.

In this videoI did a’test drive’ and showed you about while I really entered my email and opened it to find out what it resembles.

Therefore, in the event that you would like to find out what it finally looks like, be certain that you have a look at the video and find out the way the setup seems.

That is it!

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