ClickFunnels: How to Change Text Size (Utilizing HTML)

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Why should you understand this? : 0:10

Changing font size in text editor using HTML: 1:32

Changing font size in text editor for every individual words (above what’s offered for you in the choices ): two:21

Hey all!

In this movie I show you how it is possible to alter the text size to ANY size you need in as many distinct words as you need inside a headline in ClickFunnels. You have to be somewhat inventive with affiliate marketing, and at times simple things such as this can restrict you.

This is vital since the utmost headline text size is 72 px, and also the utmost under text editor seems to be 39 px, however I wished to show you exactly how powerful text editor could be with only a tiny bit of code. If you are aware of how to use HTML code, then simply proceed to the HTML text editor choice and then fix it. Should you DON’T understand code, simply follow this simple video since I get it done step-by-step for you!

Fundamentally, first we must choose the text within text editor from our ClickFunnels page which we would like to be another size, then change that dimensions based on the provided choices, so anything beneath the 40 px markers. Once you do so, we ought to go in the HTML editor, and also correct the dimensions from whatever is provided, to whatever text size you desire. If it says something like”…39px)” and pointing towards your phrase, you have to change that to”…50px)” such as if you need 50 size text (the typical brackets after the code ought to be in triangular brackets( which I’m not permitted to write in the description for a certain reason, so I substitute them with regular mounts – watch the movie to find out exactly what I mean).

To alter individual words, we’ll just copy the specific code that’s given to us each word in ClickFunnels text editor, then alter which text size, then write (/length ) instantly AFTER that (those) word(s) so the growth size is restricted only to this (those) word(s).

That is it!

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