ClickFunnels: 3 Ways to Change Video Size

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Hey all! So last article we CRACKED the code and decided exactly what the ClickFunnels default font is… a significant puzzle solved, I feel as Sherlock Holmes!

And even though altering video size is really straightforward, you will find 3 distinct ways it can be achieved, and also to prevent all confusion and mistake, I am here to tell you these 3 ways!

Without further ado, let us start!

Strategy #1: Once you click the movie equipment icon, directly under’fashions’, as well as the right of’width’, pick how large you want the video to be.
It may be 100percent of dimensions, 75percent of dimensions, or 50percent of dimensions. These are the only choices with this manner.

Strategy #2: Once you click the movie equipment icon, below’settings’ to the right of’custom height’ and’custom width’, just place in the measurements that you would like your video to possess (just works if you’re using YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo to upload your movie ).

It’s crucial to understand that these amounts are RELATIVE to another. So if you set in 1:1 or 500:500, the movie will appear the exact same. In a movie, the width is generally wider than the elevation, so make your elevation possess a lesser amount than your own width.

This manner is kinda slow as to find the outcome, you want to click on’save’, then’preview’… therefore, if you’re experimenting… that has a good deal of button clicks. Last but not least…

Strategy #3: Just click the’columns’ option on the side, and choose your movie. Under’padding’, as well as the best of’left/right’, scroll to the dimensions you would like your video to be. Simple as can be!

That is all folks!

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Thank you for seeing and see you soon!

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